Learning Outcome

Upon graduation, students will be able to demonstrate responsibility and accountability to the nursing profession by:

  1. Adhering to established patterns of professional practices which support legal, religious, and ethical tenants of Pakistan.
  2. Utilizing the nursing process to provide safe, competent, and holistic nursing care to patients/clients in variety of settings.
  3. Utilizing effective critical thinking and problem solving in their professional practice.
  4. Utilizing scholarly skills and the use of scientific methods in critiquing and applying existing nursing theories and research findings in selected practice settings.
  5. Utilizing effective oral and written communication in interpersonal and professional interactions with peers, clients, families, and other professional.
  6. Demonstrating a high degree of competence in the use of available resources to support the identified needs of communities, families, and individuals.
  7. Demonstrating the ability to coordinate activities related to the provision of health care for individuals, families and groups of patient’s clients in various settings and provides leadership as appropriate.
  8. Developing attitudes and socio-political skills to influence individuals, families, and communities to mobilize and allocate identified resources to meet identified health needs.
  9. Demonstrating awareness of the existing health care system and its policies as they have an effect on patient/client care.
  10. Developing leadership skills to promote development of the profession.