PrincipalHafiz Sabghatullah

Principal Message

I am honored and feel very privileged to be the Principal of Bahria Town School of Nursing (BTSON). BTSON has a foresight and vision to prepare professional nurses, in order to improve standards of nursing education and patient care through quality education and training. Since the day of my joining, I am always excited and look forward to work with our brilliant students, well qualified staff, and respected parents to make our nursing education and training according to the highest standards.

BTSON is equipped with qualified and competent teachers, good physical infrastructure, library, skills laboratories, computer lab, and most importantly, students get opportunity for clinical training in the diverse patient care environment in three different hospitals including teaching hospitals. Our curriculum emphasizes active learning and understanding, critical thinking, and problem-solving capabilities. We endeavor to inculcate within each student, the practice of taking ownership for one’s own learning which will help them to be professional nurses. We are the first among private nursing schools in the province which adopted blended learning technologies (IDRAK) for teaching and training activities.

At BTSON, students are continually encouraged to participate in diverse activities, enabling them to develop awareness about global issues in health and patient care, community engagement for public health, and an active respect for the other healthcare professionals. We understand that the true measure of an educational institute is not just to gain academic excellence, but also, to nurture creativity, professionalism, pluralism, and leadership skills in the students while striving for quality in teaching and learning. On behalf of the faculty, staff members and students of the school, I extend a very warm welcome to parents and students considering admission in The Bahria Town School of Nursing Lahore. Thank you

RegistrarMuhammad Bilal Siddiqui

Registrar’s Message

I would like to extend my gratitude and say thanks to our amazing faculty in BTSON, our lovely students, parents of our students, and all our friends who contributed wholeheartedly. Everything you did meant a lot to our school and us. We stand proud to thank our faculty and staff of BTSON, who are working hard for providing services and training at their best, and to our students, who continued their work in these demanding times.
BTSON is an institute of hope and wellbeing. Our staff and students are available to offer their assistance and support to our students, staff at the hospital and parents. As a registrar of the school of nursing, we make sure that each student gets their best training, meet their professional goals and raise their bar to become successful and compassionate nurses.

Please do not hesitate to contact registrar office in case you need our assistance related to the admissions, academic records, administrative assistance and coordination. Please visit our website, contact us through our phone numbers and email to get involved in the amazing work we are doing.

Nursing School Faculty

CoordinatorAsifa Qasim
Bsc.N Generic
CoordinatorSyeda Aatika Batool
BSc.N Generic,M.Phil Microbiology,Post Basic Specialization in Accident & Emergency
CoordinatorSumbal Sana
Generic BSc.N,Post basic specialization in Trauma and emergency
CoordinatorSahar yousaf
Post RN,MPhil epidemiology and public health,Post basic specialization in advance midwifery
English Lecturer
English LecturerSayyeda Anushka
Masters in English Literature
Nursing Faculty
Nursing FacultyAnila Lawrence
Registered Nurse,Registered Midwife,Post RN Bsc.N
Nursing Faculty
Nursing FacultySalma Nawaz
BSc.Nursing, MA Arabic & Islmiyat
Nursing Faculty/ Skills Lab In-Charge
Nursing Faculty/ Skills Lab In-ChargeEjaz Fatima
RM,RN,DWA,DTA,Post Graduate,Post Basic Speciality (Trauma Accident & Emergency Nursing)
Nursing Faculty
Nursing FacultyNasreen Asghar
Lab Coordinator
Lab CoordinatorWaseem
B.S Library,Information Science