Bahria Town School of Nursing (BTSON)

By the grace of Allah, beginning of Nursing Program in Bahria Town School of Nursing (BTSN) is a great achievement in nursing profession. It was establishment in 2018 and it will be a milestone of new Era of Nursing profession. The purpose of Generic BScN (4 Years), Critical care Nursing and (01 Year) post basic specialty, to prepare competent nurses who will develop innovative practical solution to complex health problems from the scientific research.

Welcome to Bahria Town School of Nursing. We strive to develop a secure and encouraging community for our students.
The school is committed to excellence in the field of education, nursing clinical practice, research and administration. It is also committed to providing the highest standards in nursing education programs, in line with Bahria Town School of Nursing vision.

In addition to teaching, the faculties also engage in research, in order to meet the emerging needs of the nation. All the research-based activities support the School’s strong agenda of capacity building, and faculty development. The faculty always strives to provide an open educational environment to the students in order to promote critical thinking, for personal and professional development.

We expect to have more opportunities for national and international cooperation and collaboration, and hope for greater achievements in the future. We also hope for a greater participation from our faculty and alumni in all our future endeavors.


Consistent with our philosophy, the major goals of the BTSN are:

  • Educate the nurse to provide exemplary nursing care appropriate to the health needs of urban and rural populations in hospitals and communities.
  • Provide leadership in nursing education, practice, administration and research.
  • Graduate nurses with the capability of pursuing higher education at institutions of learning throughout the world.
  • Provide opportunities of continuing education meet the nurses, institutions and communities in Pakistan.