Nursing is a dynamic and growing profession which provides a unique service to patients and their families. The practice of the profession demands the creation of a climate, which encourages the development of health behaviors, promotes the restoration of optimal functioning and assists in coping with irreversible illness or impending death.

The Nursing profession has two different sides, it is both science and art. This is evident in the application of scientific knowledge and principles; in the assessment of patients’ needs, in the development and implementation of a care plan; and in the evaluation of patient and family responses. Furthermore, in collaboration with other health care professionals, nurses promote the optimal health care and comfort of individuals and groups through the systematic application of knowledge from nursing and related disciplines.
We believe as a profession nursing recognizes the need to contribute to the advancement of nursing knowledge through research; to operate within code of ethic; to set standards of practice and to promote the competence of individual professionals.

We believe that the advancement of the nursing profession will be possible only in climate of continuous improvement of the quality of nursing care and continuous professionalization of nursing practice.

We believe each student has a unique personality with some special talents, abilities, needs, and goals. The faculty will endeavor to provide an environment that assists students to realize their full potential. The acquisition of professional knowledge and the development of clinical competence can achieve through active involvement of the student in the learning process. Students assume primary responsibility for learning, while faculty provides educational opportunities for knowledge acquisition and professional role development. We believe that an atmosphere of shared growth and inquiry offers the maximum potential for development.

We believe that nursing has an obligation to influence legislation which affects with development of the profession and practice of nursing.