Malik Riaz HussainMalik Riaz Hussain is currently the most successful Pakistani business magnate, real estate developer, investor and a Billionaire. He is the founder and chairman to the famous Bahria town and established this firm with all the hard work and dedication, two decades back. The firm has proved its mettle as one of Asia’s largest privately owned real estate company which has registered tremendous growth in the pates few years. Malik riaz is the 7th richest Pakistani and one of the most sought after entrepreneurs around the world. Even though he has been quite busy with all his business related work, he has ensured his participation in most of the Philanthropist activities in the country whilst being an undeniable part of the same in the process. Moreover, his firm  Bahria town currently holds the strength of more  than  60,000 employees on board which makes them one of the biggest employers in the country right now.

Personal Life and Educational Background

Malik Riaz has been through a lot of hardships in his childhood even whilst belonging to a well brought up family. He got to leave his studies midways due to his father’s bankruptcy in his business and started working as a part time constructor in order to support his dad with his finances. Its must be mentioned that his father has worked as a contractor earlier and incurred big losses during the same. This is why Malik riaz joined the Military engineering services as a Clerk whilst also working as a part time painter. We can hence credit all of the same to his sheer hard work and dedication, which further secured him a contractor job in Pakistan Military services.

Malik riaz then got married to Beena Riaz and then became father to Ahmed Ali Riaz malik( son) and Amber Shehzad malik (daughter) from the same.

Professional Background and Career Achievements

Whilst being the contractor at the military services, Malik Riaz Bahria Town has since covered a lot of journey on his way to become the 7th richest person in the country. He then established his own company with the name Bahria town, and further made it Asia’s largest privately owned real estate firms. After starting bahria town, he soon becomes the most sought after businessman in the country with his hard work and talent. Moreover, his firm Bahria town also became the biggest privately owned real estate firms in Asia with its outreach to cities like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Karachi.

Even though Malik riaz hussain got his name amongst the topmost businessman in Pakistan, he has always ensured his indulgence in most of the philanthropic activities in the country .There are numerous  charitable acts which are running under his name in the country right now . One of those can be listed as the famous Dastarkhwaans around which serves free meal to more than 1,000,00 underprivileged people on a daily basis.

Bahria Town Projects under the Malik Riaz Hussain

Malik riaz hussain has took  Bahria town to reach bigger heights in the recent  years and we can aptly credit his sheer talent and futuristic approach which has made him manage  some of the big projects like DHA Smart city Islamabad, Blue world city Islamabad, Bin alam city Islamabad, bahria town Karachi, Bahria town Rawalpindi and Bahria town Lahore. Besdie all of these crucial projects , their team is looking  forward to construct the third  biggest Masjid in the Bahria town Karachi which will also be bringing along a sports city, Golf city and Paradise precincts. With the right focus and hard work in their approach, Bahria town has created its own mark whilst being the leading real estate companies in the world currently.

Looking into some of their biggest projects, Bahria towns Lahore has proved itself to be a piece of sheer brilliance and innovation with creativity showcased all around it. The project comes equipped with the most basic and luxurious facilities which are similar to best in class housing communities. The community is been quoted as a “paradise” by most of its residents and its infrastructure has been appreciated by most of the International housing experts. Bahria town has also built the famous Mall of Islamabad which has registered its name amongst the best malls around the world. Most of their innovations and structures have brought in the most advanced technology and latest equipments with all the best facilities. On top of that, the mall is equipped with most modernized marketplaces in the name of Greenvalley supermarket where all the patients can get access to all the best products in the town.